Q?How do I know what type of spring I need?

That all depends on your application. The most common types of springs are compression and extension.

You can visit our Custom Springs page to review the different kinds of springs and their applications!

Q?What is the difference between a compression spring and extension spring?

There are two common differences; the ends and the pitch.

On an extension spring, the end coils are typically turned perpendicular to the body to create either hooks or loops.

A compression spring will have either plain, closed or closed and ground ends.

The other main difference is that extension springs are tight wound; that is without spacing between the coils. While in service, an extension spring’s coils will begin to pull apart (or extend).

As with other types of springs, both extension and compression springs have limitless applications.

Q?Can I order custom springs?

Yes! Whether it’s duplicating a sample or first articles for a prototype, Leeco is prepared to help you with your spring project!

If you have an idea, we can help you to put it on paper with our state-of-the-art design software. We can make your custom spring order using common or hard to find materials and to your specifications.

Orders can be completed from design to delivery in as little as 24 hours!

Q?How much do custom springs cost?

All custom orders are individually quoted to ensure that you are given a fair deal on the springs you need!

We have an incredibly low minimum for custom orders. This means that we can keep the cost to you lower than anyone else in town!

Q?My sample is broken, can you still help me?

Absolutely! This is all too common – springs that are overstressed will break or fail due to other environmental conditions in an otherwise functional piece of equipment. We are here for you! At Leeco, we can recreate your spring from pieces to production and get you back in business!

Q?What is the incentive to buy higher quantities?

As previously mentioned, each part number is quoted on its own. We will offer price break incentives for any part we quote.

We are no stranger to high-quantity (+1M), production type jobs so please don’t hesitate to request a quote today!