Custom Springs


At Leeco Spring we put our customers’ needs first. We can custom make springs for many different industries in a vast selection of materials and configurations. Bring us your ideas, we will put them into production!

Many industries have the need for custom springs:

Energy, oilfield, technology, hardware/computers, automotive, military, household, industrial equipment, commercial power tools, packaging, heavy equipment, electrical, medical, marine, instrumental, communication, mining/geological and many more.

Different types of springs that can be customized:

Compression springs, extension springs, torsion springs, stampings, Belleville washers, wire forms, garter springs, rings, clock springs, leaf springs, motor springs, flat springs, conical springs, variable rate springs, precision springs, cantilever beams, instrument springs and more.

The materials used to make custom springs include:

Music wire, stainless (302, 304, 316, 17-7, 904L, etc.) Inconel, MP35N, Elgiloy, beryllium copper, phosphorus-bronze, galvanized, oil-tempered, hard drawn, chrome-silicon, chrome-vanadium, just to name a few.