How may we help you?  Leeco Spring has an experienced design and engineering staff that can assist with any custom springs application.  Additionally, we offer secondary services and load testing capabilities.

We serve top names in the oilfield/energy, medical, household commodities, space engineering, electronic technology, military/government, aviation, supply chain, transportation industries and more.  Our general products include:

• Compression Springs • Clock Springs • Conical Springs
• Extension Springs • Flat Springs • Garter Springs
• Instrument Springs • Leaf Springs • Motor Springs
• Precision Springs • Torsion Springs • Variable Rate Springs
• Belleville Washers • Cantilever Beams • Rings
• Stampings • Wire Forms • And More…

Buy Springs Online
– we have over 3,500 different designs of compression springs, die springs, and extension springs on the shelf, ready to ship.

Save Time – Your order can be processed and shipped quickly, usually within 24 hours.

Save Money – No setup or tooling charges because each item is standard.

Save Paperwork – Buy springs online, by phone, email or fax – spring buying made easy.

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Price Breaks for Stock Springs – Minimum order -$35.